Tom Wilson – “Lessons Learned from Buying and Selling over 2000 units”

Mark your calendar for our next meeting Second Wednesday April 9th

Tom Wilson, one of our most experiences speakers is back.
“Lessons Learned from Flipping“ Flip’s from $200,000 to $1,000,000

Tom will share his vast experiences and lessons learned from buying and selling over 2000 units in California and Texas.
Plus Tom has flipped 350 homes.

If you are considering flipping, or want to improve your investment flipping results while reducing your risk in this market, you should attend this meeting.

• What you should do differently in this market?
• Where you should not buy?
• What should you do differently with a 2x median price flip house than a median price flip house?
• What are the most common mistakes flippers make?
• How to evaluate and pick winning deals.
• How to get the best loans for your deals.
• How to factor in the uncertainty and risk of the market.
• Learn the most important due diligence factors before you commit to a deal?
• What are some of the best ways to motivate your team?
• What the current market trends are that you need to know before you make your next offer?
• And more…

Meeting Time:
5:30-6:15 meeting before the meeting
6:15-7:00 networking
7:00-9:00 meeting
9:00-10:00 networking
Meeting Location:
Crowne Plaza
5321 Date Ave
Sacramento, CA 95841 916.338.5800
(Off I-80 at Madison Ave)

This meeting is
FREE to members and
$25 for non-members.
Annual membership
$170.00 and $250.00 for couples.
All are Welcome to Attend!

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